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Cooling Tower Services

cooling tower services

When it comes to cooling tower services, we believe that having a cooling tower specialist that can cover all your cooling tower needs is the best option. That's why we work so hard to offer a full range of cooling tower services.

Cooling Tower Fill

cooling tower fill

If you've never worked in a cooling tower you might be tempted to think that the heart of a water cooling tower is the water. While the purpose of a cooling tower revolves around water, the true heart of any cooling tower is the fill.


Drift Eliminators for Cooling Towers

drift eliminators

When it comes to efficient cooling tower operation, drift eliminators are a vital part of maintaining a highly efficient cooling tower. To minimize the loss of water from drift, any water droplets that escape into the cooling tower discharge air, drift eliminators are employed in all types of cooling towers. Typically drift eliminators provide multi directional changes of airflow, and a well designed eliminator will greatly reduce water loss.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals: The Evolution of Wooden Cooling Towers

wooden cooling towers

Cooling tower construction has evolved over time as environmental concerns and new materials have become available. Although FRP is now the preferred building material, the transition from wood cooling towers to more durable materials is an interesting journey beginning with redwood construction.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals: Cold Weather Operations and Components

cold water basin heaters

In our last cooling tower fundamentals post we covered some of the basic cooling tower components. In this cooling tower fundamentals article we will discuss the remaining basic cooling tower components and how cooling towers handle cold weather operations.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals: Typical Cooling Tower Components

cooling tower components

In our last two post we've covered what makes a cooling tower work and the basic types of cooling towers. We've touched on some of the basic cooling tower components in our last post, but in this cooling tower fundamentals post we'd like to dig a little bit deeper into the parts that make up a cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals: Cooling Tower Types

cooling tower fundamentals

All cooling towers are designed to remove waste heat from water and transfer it to the atmosphere, but there are a lot of ways to accomplish this task. Cooling towers can be categorized in a number of different ways, because there are so many differences between cooling towers.  For our purposes, we will cover three kinds of cooling towers based on how air and water flow (counterflow, crossflow, and hyperbolic)  and two types based on how the air is moved (mechanical and natural draft).

Cooling Tower Fundamentals: Thermal Characteristics

cooling tower fundamentals

What Makes a Cooling Tower Work?

Cooling Tower Manufacturer Midwest Cooling Towers Celebrates 25th Anniversary

cooling tower manufacturer

Chickasha, OK based manufacturing company supplies cooling tower components and custom fiberglass products.

Cooling Tower Maintenance in Freezing Weather

cooling tower freezing

As winter approaches, it seems prudent to cover some of the basics of cooling tower cold weather and freezing weather operations. This is especially important with counterflow towers because special procedures are required to minimize ice formation within a counterflow cooling tower when it is operated at or below freezing temperatures.  Otherwise, ice forms on the fill and drift eliminators.  A sufficiently heavy build up will cause damage to the fill, drift eliminators, or structural members.

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